The Dayton Care Center is a full-service assisted living facility, providing care far beyond basic room & board. Our staff is on duty twenty-four hours per day and are happy to customize our offerings to each resident’s unique needs. We also specialize in support for U.S. Veterans, and are highly skilled in navigating the VA system to ensure our residents the best care available.

Client Groups Served

- Advanced Aged (if able to use a walker)
- Developmentally Disabled
- Irreversible Dementia
- Emotionally disturbed/mental illness
- Traumatic brain injury
- Chronic mentally ill

Our monthly rate includes:

The Dayton boasts a premier location in beautiful downtown Kenosha, blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan. We understand that access to nature and culture bring both serenity and interest to life, so we are happy to be situated within short walking distance of:

  • Restaurants, coffee shops, and summer farmer’s markets

  • The Post Office, library, and banks

  • Lake Michigan’s lakeshore parks & beaches
  • Multiple museums and other activities
  • Public transportation (buses and trains)

Room & Board

Because it was originally a top-end hotel, the Dayton is equipped with 90 private rooms extending over 8 floors. Room sizes vary from spacious suites to standard singles, the majority of which have private bathrooms. Some rooms feature a lakeview, while others look out over downtown Kenosha. All room rates include furniture, utilities, local phone, basic cable, and wireless internet.

Our kitchen offers three delicious meals per day, plus three daily snacks. And, for even more variety in the menu, we offer unique meals off-site a couple times per month. Lastly, there are a number of local restaurants, diners, and cafes within short walking distance of the Dayton for residents to visit.


Domestic Assistance

Our dedicated domestic team works tirelessly keeping pace with the daily needs of each resident’s life, including daily housekeeping, laundry, transportation to and from medical appointments, hygiene services, nail care, and in-house haircuts.


Administrative Support

Our administration staff enjoy the meaningful role of overseeing the operations of the facility and assisting residents with their clerical needs. This can include tasks such as:

  • Assisting with resident finances, from daily spending to trust accounts
  • Working closely with resident payees, conservators, and guardians to accommodate the needs of the patients
  • Guiding the Social Security application process
  • Helping the residents navigate the VA healthcare and benefits application process
  • Payee Services for Social Security and VA Benefits
  • Money Management


Social Services

Our Social Services department consists of social workers and case managers who are
available to each resident daily. They work closely with each resident to ensure that needs are met and care is individualized, providing one-on-one counseling as well as fielding any psychiatric concerns as they arise.

Our social workers and case managers provide client-centered, realistic treatment goals. This way, each resident can live as independently as possible. Our social staff also helps with resident's families, guardians, conservators and others professionals to assist with any needs.


Licensed Nursing

Our residents feel safe in the hands of our qualified nursing staff. We take pride in making our residents feel comfortable and content.

Our licensed nursing staff is on duty seven days a week, first and second shifts, to meet the daily medical needs of residents, as well as monitor their physical and emotional health. Our L.P.N.s are supervised by a R.N. Consultant who is on-call 24/7. We offer daily medication management and dietary guidance to ensure each resident’s holistic health.

In addition, the VA system provides our Veteran residents with a daily shuttle to Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center (FHCC) for medical appointments and programming.


Enjoyable Activities

We recognize that a happy life contributes to a healthy life. That’s why one of our key priorities is providing fun resident activities every day. The social schedule at the Dayton is robust! Our Activities Director coordinates at least four leisure options each weekday, with special events for holidays and other occasions. Activities include bowling, poker, bingo, crafts, devotionals, book clubs, movie nights, peer support groups, and more. One of our greatest joys is to see our residents building a thriving community with meaningful relationships and lasting friendships.



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