Service: care comes first
Dignity: promoting honor and self-respect
Community: a sense of home and belonging

The Dayton Care Center is proud to provide personalized care and assisted living for those with
physical and mental disabilities, primarily U.S. veterans. The Dayton was built in 1925 as the
premier hotel in Kenosha and was later converted to an assisted living facility. Our desirable
lakefront location, affordability, and caring staff make us the perfect choice for potential new
residents. You can read more about our rich history here and visit our services page to learn
more about life at the Dayton.



Client Groups Served

- Advanced Aged (if able to use a walker)
- Developmentally Disabled
- Irreversible Dementia
- Emotionally disturbed/mental illness
- Traumatic brain injury
- Chronic mentally ill

Partners & Affiliates

- Kenosha County
Community Care
Family Care Partnership
- Navy Club
- Women’s Auxiliary
- Bridges
- Kenosha Long Term Care Workforce Alliance